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Live N Show Wedding Event Services:
Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Live and Show Events are highly skilled professional wedding planner located in Chennai, with full-service event Management services. We pour our boundless creativity into thinking up fresh, stylish ideas that transform occasions into once in a lifetime events. Working with our Team means working with a team that is completely dedicated to the success of your lifetime event. Our Team is invested, courteous, fun, professional, attentive, and discreet, we can handle any situation at your event.

Featured Services

We provide wedding event services which can range from pre-wedding, wedding, to post-wedding functions. Our services include:
  • Wedding Venue Finding
  • Flower Decoration
  • Wedding Decoration
  • Wedding Stage and set design
  • Audio & Lightings
  • Photography and videography
  • Guests Management
  • Entertainment design & choreography
  • Styling & personal shopper
  • Invitations
  • Signages and stationery for event
  • Sangeet & Mehendi Function
  • Transport and logistics management
  • Catering Services
  • Wedding Gifts & Favours
  • Hospitality Services
  • Hotel Room Reservation
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Live Wedding Events
  • Pyros & Fireworks
  • Honeymoon Package

Full Service Planning & Coordination

Our most comprehensive level of service for the couple who wishes to eliminate the stress of planning their special celebration. This service includes, but is not limited to; venue research, budget planning, planning timeline, selection of vendors, management of transportation, hotel rooming blocks, overall design and aesthetic, rentals, bridal party and any detail that needs attention- we have you covered. Full service planning and coordination makes your wedding or event easy and stress free creating a flawless experience from start to finish!

Custom Wedding Coordination

This level of service is the perfect spot in between One Special Day Coordination and Full Service Planning. It’s a fully customizable package that allows you to decide exactly where you wish to have our event management team assist in the planning, and what you would like to handle and manage. This hybrid approach to full service planning and day of coordination is fun, sparkly and just what is needed to make your day special!

One Special Day Coordination

The perfect level of service for the couple who likes to research and find venues that best suit you, connect with vendors, but may need a little guidance from Our Team when trying to make the big decisions throughout the planning process. Two months prior to your event you meet with our Senior Coordinator to work through the flow of your day. This allows time for adjustments, final decisions, and lots of sparkle. At this point our team starts to complete the coordination process and will ensure that everything is in place for your special day.

Live N Show Events
Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

We help to create priceless memories that reflect the personalities of each couple, by providing a personal and attentive service. We offer an unique and inspirational wedding or event planning for your special occasion, specialising in creating unique and stylish weddings.
Most of all our design approach is about helping you to embrace and celebrate your own individual style, character and personality, we’ll show you how to weave your own story into your event so it feels truly authentic.
We find the people, products and services that will bring it all to life. Sourcing unique details, finding and briefing the very best suppliers and unearthing those hidden gem ideas. We work tirelessly to find the perfect little touches that bring it all together.
Then we make it happen. We manage all the details and logistics to ensure a flawlessly executed event, We do the legwork, we schedule, we liaise with everyone, we manage the suppliers, we build, we style, we set-up, we solve problems and once the day is over we pack it all away.
We want you to feel supported, inspired and happy throughout the planning process so that you can enjoy every moment. Se we take care of all the nitty-gritty details around logistics, supply team communications, contracts and paperwork, scheduling and everything in between, leaving you free to focus on the good stuff.

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